Kitchen Extract Cleaning

The cleaning of kitchen extract systems is compulsory in commercial kitchens, due to potential fire risks. Our comprehensive cleaning ensures compliance with TR19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems. Our cleaning technicians are very reliable, honest and very experienced in this industry. We can provide pictures of the cleaning along with a certificate for Insurance and Health & Safety Regulations.

AHU Cleaning & Maintenance

Our experienced team have expert knowledge in the safe running and operation of HVAC ventilation system. Maintaining your AHU (air handling unit) is crucial to save energy and to move air more efficiently throughout the building. Due to increased health and safety leigislation the vast majority of insurers, as a prerequiste, require a building’s heating and ventilation system to undergo regular duct cleaning and testing. Our cleaning and maintenance services ensures the HVAC is compliant with TR/19 – BS15780 Internal cleanliness of ventilation system.

Ceiling & Wall Air Conditioning Units

We clean all makes and models of ceiling & wall mounted air conditioning units, regular cleaning improves air quality and keeps running costs low. Our technicians clean and sanitise the unit with an antibacterial and fungi spray to eliminate any dust mites and spores which you could breathe in. Insufficient fresh air in the workplace can lead to head aches and tiredness.

Laundry Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

The cleaning of dryer vents in laundry’s is compulsory, due to the potential fire risks caused by accumulated lint in the ducting. We provide dryer vent cleaning to a variety of businesses which include Hotels, Laundrette’s, Hospitals and Care Homes. Many dryer vent fires are reported each year, causing devastation. these fires are preventable with regular cleaning.