If you work in commercial catering then in order to comply with Health and Safety legislation and your Fire Insurance Guidelines you must maintain a safe and healthy working environment. The kitchen extract system will require thorough deep cleaning from a specialist Ducting Cleaning Companyat least once a year, Most catering establishment require a six monthly cleaning programme due to the amount of grease and carbon that is produced from the cooking range in your kitchen, If this grease is not removed the consequences could be fatal as the grease and carbon are easily ignited from a simple pan fire and will quickly travel throughout the duct and spread to neighboring building causing devastation in its path. The extractor fan will need a thorough deep clean to ensure it is running to full capacity to remove the heat and cooking odours from your commercial kitchen. If the kitchen extract system is not cleaned this will affect the air quality in the workplace, you must have a Ducting Cleaning Company to professionally carry out the cleaning and to ensure it is done to TR/19 Codes of Practice.

The Ducting Cleaning Process

Ducting cleaning works by removing every trace of grease and carbon from inside the kitchen canopy and ducts by means of hand scraping the grease, using chemical degreasers and a steam generator to dissolve the grease from within your kitchen extract system. If your kitchen extract system has not been cleaned before, we will need to fit access doors to the ducts which allow the grease to be removed. On occasion, the ducting will be taken down in order for a more efficient cleaning method, new seals are fitted on to the flanges in order to ensure that no grease will leak from the joints.

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