We specialise in Grease Filter Cleaning in London and use the decarboniser soak tank to remove all traces of grease and carbon that has been collected on the filters. The grease filters are a main cause of fires in the catering kitchen, as these filters collect the grease and carbon this is produced when cooking fatty foods and meats, if the grease filters are not cleaned on a regular basis then they become a potential fire hazard and a health and hygiene issue as the grease can drip onto foods that are being cooked below and contaminate the food, or even create a fire as the grease is ignitable and could cause devastation if the duct and canopy is not cleaned and degreased to a good standard.

Many catering kitchens we work in simple do not have a big enough sink to immerse the filters in to remove the grease and oil that has collected on the filters or a strong enough chemical to degrease the filters. Our decarboniser is designed to dissolve even the burnt on carbon deposit and to bring the Grease Filters back to their original condition. Cleaning of the canopy grease filters should be at least once a week to prevent the filters from getting blocked as the extractor fan needs maximum air coverage from the filters to give the best performance and to ensure that the carbon monoxide and cooking odours are being extracted from the kitchen.

Our cleaning service is fast and efficient, we can clean the grease filters on the premises or we provide a next day cleaning service.

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