Extraction Cleaning Services are the company to call if you are looking for Canopy & Ducting Cleaning in Maidstone. We have been providing our services to commercial businesses for over 19 years and have expert knowledge in Canopy & Ducting Cleaning. Our cleaning technicians are very professional, trustworthy and guarantee a high-quality cleaning service at a very reasonable price.

Our clients continually use our services year after year and highly recommend our services to other businesses, resulting in a large database of clients in Greater London, Essex and Kent. Clients who use our services are rest assured that they are dealing with a fully established company with expert knowledge in Kitchen Extractor Cleaning. We provide a complete kitchen extract cleaning service to ensure your business is complying with TR19.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning / TR19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems:

Kitchen Extract Cleaning which is a very important part of running a commercial kitchen, the risk of fire associated with kitchen extract systems is very high, due to the large amounts of grease and carbon that accumulates inside the system. This residue can pose as a potential fire risk and must be cleaned annually, or quarterly depending on the hours of operation to comply with Health & Safety Regulations.

We only use qualified cleaning technicians that have undergone and successfully gained the TR19 qualification, TR19 is a cleaning standard that is set down by insurance companies for commercial kitchen extract cleanliness. Our vigorous cleaning programme ensures that the kitchen extract has been cleaned and degreased to a high standard to eliminate any risk of fire.
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