We provide a Canopy Cleaning Service in Essex and conform to TR/19 HVCA Guide to Good Practice Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

  • Canopy / Hood Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Extractor Fan Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Decarboniser Hire Service

We also supply and install kitchen extractor fans and have a full range of fans and speed controllers in stock and provide a 24 hour fitting service.

  • FlaktWoods Fans 400-JM/450-JM/500-JM/560-JM/630-JM
  • Max Fans 400mm /450mm / 500mm / 560mm / 630mm
  • Vent Axia
  •  S&P / Turbo Fan
  •  Ziehl
  •  Roof Units
  •  Plate Fans
  •  Short cased / Long Cased

Our cleaning technicians are very professional and have years many of experience in cleaning and maintain kitchen extract systems. We clean all internal and external features of the extraction canopy and remove all grease and carbon deposits that have accumulated in the canopy plenum and duct riser, this is the main area of the kitchen extract system that should be cleaned on a regular basis for fire prevention purposes, failure to clean the kitchen extract system in your catering establishment could invalidate you insurance cover.

We have been providing our Canopy Cleaning Service in Essex for over 15 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers that are overwhelmed by the quality of our cleaning service and call us annually or 6 monthly to clean the kitchen extract system to a standard that is required by insurance companies.

We are a trustworthy and reliable company and offer the very best standards cleaning and hygiene, our kitchen deep cleaning service and canopy cleaning service is very reasonable priced and we work around your opening times and also work 24 hours a day to cause as less disruption to your business as possible and keep your business open as usual.

Call us today for your Canopy Cleaning Service in Essex