Extraction Cleaning Services have been involved in the cleaning of kitchen extract systems since 1999 to provide essential cleaning services to commercial kitchens, we ensure the safe running of hundreds of kitchen extract systems and use the latest grease cleaning equipment to save our clients time and money. Our success is based on providing a high quality cleaning service to our clients which causes no disruption to the running of the business, we offer expert advice on kitchen extract fire safety and Health & Safety Regulations.

Our clients constantly leave us great feedback regarding our cleaning technicians conduct in the work place, our team are very experienced in this very demanding job and have been with the company for many years and value our company name, we are very grateful to have a dedicated team that is the back bone of the company.

Our business is focussed around our customers needs and we recognise the importance of having a kitchen extract system that can operate safely and efficiently, our clients are assured that the kitchen extract meets the recommended cleaning standard TR19.

We have many clients from a variety of sectors which include, Care Homes, Schools, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Local Councils, Public Houses and Fast Food Outlets, clients have peace of mind you are working along side a fully established business with a track record of success.

Why carry out cleaning and maintenance?

• You will reduce the risk of fire.
• It prevents the build-up of grease deposits and bacteria within your kitchen extraction system.
• Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, your extract systems need to be included in your fire risk assessment with action taken to minimise any potential fire risk to buildings and occupants.
• Failure to carry out proper cleaning and maintenance could lead to a breach of Environmental Health regulations and could invalidate your fire insurance policy.

How often should I clean?


Ideally, you should measure the rate of build-up of grease on the internal surfaces of ductwork. If this is not possible, your cleaning work should be planned around the level of use:
• Heavy use (12-16 hours per day) – clean every three months.
• Moderate use (6-12 hours per day) – clean every six months.
• Light use (2-6 hours per day) – clean every 12 months.

Where cooking processes involve fat frying or wood/charcoal burning, cleaning may need to be more frequent.

Extract hoods and filters

These should be cleaned and degreased daily, or in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. Cooking should never be carried out unless there is a filter in place.