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What is Extractor Fan Cleaning?

If you work in a commercial catering environment, you will need to ensure that your kitchen’s extractor fans are cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning is necessary in order to remove the grease and carbon deposits that have built up over time as a result of the cooking process underneath. Regular cleaning can also ensure that extractor fans maintain maximum air flow in order to remove heat, cooking odours and Carbon Monoxide which is a deadly toxin. Professional extractor fan cleaning involves the removal of the fan from the ducting in order to thoroughly clean the impeller, fan casing and fan motor. Once this cleaning has been carried out the fan will then be sealed with a quality duct sealant in order to ensure that grease cannot leak from the seals.

Hiring a Specialist

The importance of extractor fan cleaning in a commercial kitchen can’t be overstated as it ensures that it is a safe and healthy working environment for you and your employees. As a result, it makes sense to hire a specialist industrial cleaning company that has many years’ experience in the field. Extraction Cleaning Services is one of the leading extractor fan cleaning firms in the UK and is renowned for using the best cleaning techniques in order to remove the grease and carbon from extraction systems. For further information please visit