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Restaurant Fan Cleaning London

We Provide Restaurant Fan Cleaning in London and Surrounding Counties. We remove the fan from the duct and remove all grease and oil from inside the fan casing and impeller and improve the reliability and performance of the fan by removing the grease, carbon and oil which has built up inside the fan. The grease hardens overtime and causes the fan impeller to rub against the grease and causes the fan to be noisy and in many cases the impeller gets stuck to the casing and in turn burns out the motor. Regular Cleaning of the Restaurant Fan will improve air flow which helps keeping kitchen temperatures down and is more efficient at removing smoke, steam and cooking fumes more efficiently. We also clean and degrease the Duct and Kitchen Cooker Hood, Canopy Filters and provide a Certificate for Insurance Purposes and comply with TR19 Codes of Practice and DW172. We work 24 hours a day and our fan cleaning will have no disruption to your business. We offer free estimates and free advice regarding our Restaurant Fan Cleaning Service in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex.


Restaurant Cleaning Service London

Our Restaurant Cleaning Service in London is of the Highest Standards of Cleaning and with over 15 years’ experience in Restaurant Cleaning in London and working in many Chinese and Indian Restaurants in the City of London we know the importance of a clean and sanitised catering kitchen with good Health & Hygiene Standards. We use the latest cleaning machines and cleaning chemicals and we give excellent customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are very competitive in our pricing and offer free quotations and work 24 hours a day as to not disrupt to your business in anyway. For Restaurant Cleaning in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk and Middlesex.