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Kitchen Extract Cleaning in East London

Extraction Cleaning Services provide Kitchen Extract Cleaning in East London and comply with TR/19 HVCA Guides of Good Practice Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems. With many insurance companies requiring evidence that the kitchen extract system has been cleaned by a specialist cleaning services at least once a year to help prevent the risk of fire. Grease and oil deposits within systems also pose hygiene, odour, vermin and mechanical efficiency hazards as the accumulated grease and oil that is contained inside the duct will inevitably leak from the duct and will reduce the efficiency of the extractor fan.

ECS have many years’ experience in Kitchen Extract Cleaning in East London and neighbouring postcodes and are committed to giving excellent customer satisfaction and the highest standards of cleaning. We provide our commercial cleaning service to the catering industry and carryout all aspects of commercial kitchen deep cleaning and kitchen extract and ventilation cleaning. Our cleaning technicians are very experienced in the removal of grease and oil that has collected inside the kitchen canopy, duct and extractor fan.

The extractor fan is the main source of the operation as this removes the heat and cooking odours from the kitchen and helps to maintain a healthy working environment for your kitchen staff. Many catering kitchens have a gas interlock system which works in conjunction with the extractor fan, if the extractor fan is not working due to a worn out bearing or the impellor might be jammed because of the build-up of grease and oil that has accumulated around the fan casing the gas interlock will not be engaged so in turn will not deliver gas to your appliances.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen extract system is beneficial for fire prevention purposes but also to help your catering kitchen run as smoothly as it possibly can.

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