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Kitchen Ducting Cleaning Locally

For those who run a commercial kitchen – either in a hotel, restaurant, pub, nursing home, school or hospital, regular kitchen ducting cleaning is a necessity. Over time, grease and carbon deposits build up in a kitchen’s extraction system. Such deposits not only make it harder for the fans to remove heat and cooking odours from the kitchen but but they also pose a potential fire risk. In order to ensure a healthy working environment and to eliminate the risk of a fire occurring, regular ducting cleaning must take place. Cleaning the extraction fans yourself isn’t the easiest of tasks and if you’re not sure what you’re doing then it can also be dangerous. For that reason, many kitchen managers hire Extraction Cleaning Services. Serving London, Essex, Kent, Greater London and Hertfordshire, the firm is well-placed to clean your extraction system.

Only the Highest Standards

Extraction Cleaning Services have been a leader in their field for the last 15 years and so it’s not surprising that they have built an impressive client base in this time. They provide only the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene and are highly customer-focused in their approach. The team make it their mission to carry out a superb job without any disruption to your business. To learn more about ducting cleaning visit