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TR19 Canopy and Duct Cleaning London

Extraction Cleaning Services specialise in TR19 Canopy and Duct Cleaning in London and have over 19 years of experience in cleaning kitchen extract systems and providing our cleaning service to the catering industry. We issue a certificate for fire prevention and insurance purposes and to ensure you are currently up to date with the latest Health and Hygiene Regulations and B&ES TR19 Codes of Good Practice.

We are a very professional cleaning company and all of our cleaning technicians value our company name and ensure that the kitchen extract system has been thoroughly degreased and cleaned to a very high standard, we carry out our cleaning service with no disruption to your business and can work around the clock to suit your business needs.

We are highly competitive in our pricing and internally deep clean all aspects of the kitchen extract system including the canopy hood, ductwork, fan and all associated components.

We also supply and install access doors as required enabling internal access to the ductwork and therefore facilitating the cleaning procedure, all doors installed are quick release catches for future cleaning and for inspections.

How important is it to have a TR19 Canopy and Duct Cleaning certificate ? Most insurance companies stipulate that kitchen extract systems should be cleaned and degrease at least once a year for fire prevention purposes and failure to comply with the regulation will invalidate your insurance schedule if a fire has been the cause in your catering establishment.

In the picture below you can see the amount of grease that has built up on the extractor fan which took approximately 3 years to accumulate, the amount of grease and oil that is produced when cooking is very high in catering establishments such as Chinese and Indian restaurants due to the amount of frying and carbon produced by the Tandoori Oven, the Guideline for TR19 Guide to Good Practice stipulates that cleaning to take place every 6 months if the kitchen is in use for more than 6 hours a day.

Please call us today and ensure you have a Professional TR19 Canopy and Duct Cleaning company to clean your kitchen extract system.


ECS Fan cleaning before                                                 ECS Fan cleaning after