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Canopy Cleaning in Colchester

Extraction Cleaning Services provides Canopy Cleaning in Colchester.
Our business is focussed around our customers’ needs and we recognise the importance of having a clean kitchen canopy that meets the recommended cleaning standard.

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• Fully Complaint with TR19 Guide to Good Practice
• Certificate Issued for Fire Prevention & Insurance Purposes
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Customers will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re dealing with a fully established business with a track record of success. Our cleaning technicians are dedicated to the work assigned and take pride in our reputation and deliver real customer satisfaction and genuine value for money.
Many clients continually book our cleaning service and are rest assured that their business is fully compliant with Health and Safety Regulations.

Kitchen extract systems are required to be professionally cleaned by an approved cleaning contractor to help reduce the risk of fire spreading throughout the ductwork, in the event this misfortune happening and a fire breaks out in your catering establishment, the fire will quickly spread throughout the ductwork.

If the duct has accumulated grease and oil inside the consequences would be devastating to neighbouring building and its occupants. Most insurance companies require evidence that can certify that the kitchen extract system has been cleaned and degreased for fire prevention purposes at least once a year or 6 monthly for high traffic kitchen outlets. We are fully insured and issue a certificate after completion along with before and after pictures of the cleaning, so you can provide the relevant information required by your insurance company regarding the cleanliness of the system.

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