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Extractor Fan Cleaning London

We specialise in Extractor Fan Cleaning in London and remove grease and oil that has built up inside the fan casing and impellor. We remove the extractor fan from the system and clean and degrease the fan motor and ensure that the fan is running smoothly and efficiently to remove the smoke and cooking odours from your commercial kitchen.

We are a professional cleaning service and have been providing our cleaning service for over 15 years and have expert knowledge in the removal of grease and carbon that has built up inside the kitchen extract system. We provide a certificate for fire prevention purposes and TR19 Codes of Practice and ensure our work is carried out to the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen extract system is essential for fire prevention purposes and to remove carbon monoxide that has been generated by the cooking range. Kitchen extract systems are a breeding ground for fires due to the amount and grease and carbon that accumulates very quickly inside the duct and plenum of the kitchen canopy and grease filters. We use the decarboniser soak tank to remove all traces of grease from the canopy filters and ensure the extractor fan is removing the maximum amount of air through the system.

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