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Decarboniser for Hire in London

We Supply the Decarboniser for Hire in London and Surrounding Counties to remove all burnt on deposits of carbon and grease on pots and pans made of stainless steel or aluminium, fryer baskets, pan supports, baking trays, oven racks, griddles, canopy grease filters.

Our Decarboniser Hire in London service is made stress free as we will deliver set up and empty the cleaning solution from the soak tank after use for your convenience and also a simple demonstration on how to use the Decarboniser correctly.

All of our clients have been very satisfied with the results of our Decarboniser Service. We have restored hundreds of pots and pans and canopy grease filters back to their original condition and brought many more years’ worth of use which has saved hundreds of man hours which would have been needed to bring the shine back to the items if they were cleaned by hand.

Many catering kitchens do not have the space for a permanent Decarboniser to be in the kitchen at all times but we can offer the Hire of our Decarboniser in London for a minimum period of 48 hours which is quite sufficient for many catering kitchens, or for a longer period if you wish. Our service is  of great value and will save you time and money and you will receive a better overall thorough deep clean of the items you would like to clean with outstanding results.

Our Decarboniser quickly and effectively removes burnt on carbon deposits and grease from pan supports, oven racks, pots and pans, canopy grease filters and a host of other cooking utensils by simply immersing your equipment into our soak tank and waiting for the Decarboniser to dissolve the carbon.


We are a friendly reliable service and offer the best price for the Decarboniser hire in London.