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Duct Cleaning in London

Why do insurance companies require a certificate for my canopy and duct in London? The restaurant exhaust fan works at a very high temperature and is working in most commercial kitchens up to 8 hours a day to remove the heat, smoke, grease and carbon monoxide. Some of the grease residue is collected by the canopy filter or pre-filter but the filters cannot collect all of the grease and over time collects inside the duct and ends up leaking from the seals and joints and becomes a potential hazard. This grease and oil mixed with fluff and dirt that is present inside the duct is highly flammable, if a fire has started in the kitchen it would be able to travel inside the duct to neighbouring and surrounding properties and cause devastation. The main reason for cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan and duct system is to prevent fire. Fitting access doors (see our products page) to the duct is essential for cleaning inside and to enable access for your annual inspection for Buildings Risk Assessment. Failure to clean the duct and canopy could invalidate you insurance in you were unfortunate to have a kitchen fire in your work place, and the fire could have been preventable with thorough cleaning to stop it spreading to surrounding properties.


Duct Cleaning Cost

Many duct cleaning companies cost may from £150 up to many hundreds or thousands of pounds for huge systems, as the levels of grease that needs to be cleaned vary from job to job and the quality of service you will receive from different Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Companies will vary due to inexperience or simply because it is out of site no one will check. In my opinion after working in Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Sector for over 19 years is that many companies overcharge and do not clean the important parts of the system where fire might start to take hold. After being awarded many commercial cleaning contracts we have inspected previous ducting cleaning companies work and found some to be not cleaned at all whilst some were only merely cleaned and degreased to a good standard of hygiene and TR19 Codes of Practice. As the grease is contained inside the duct many clients do not check to see if it has been cleaned and removed to a good standard of Cleaning and Hygiene and do not know the potential risk that is still present in the kitchen exhaust system. We are a professional duct cleaning service in the City of London, Essex, Kent, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire.