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Canopy Cleaning Essex

We provide a Canopy Cleaning Service in Essex

Our kitchen extract cleaning service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week so you’re catering kitchen can run smoothly at all times. We are a professional service and have been providing our services to the catering industry for over 19 years and have built an extensive client base over this time with hundreds of satisfied clients.

Most insurance companies require evidence that the Kitchen Extract System has been cleaned and degreased by a professional contractor at least once a year to prevent the risk of fire, cleaning the kitchen extract is a very important part of running a commercial kitchen and needs to be cleaned and maintained to keep within the guidelines set down by all insurance companies.

Our Canopy Cleaning Service in Essex is of the highest quality and at a very competitive price, our cleaning technicians are very professional and trustworthy and give excellent customer satisfaction. We are an environmentally friendly cleaning service and try to avoid using caustic chemicals to remove the carbon deposits and grease that has built up in the kitchen extract system. We use a steam generator which dissolves the grease very quickly and effectively without using harmful chemicals .

We clean all aspects of the kitchen extract system and ensure that the risk of fire has been eliminated in the duct, we bring back the shine in all canopies made of stainless steel or aluminium, canopy filters (baffle or mesh) are deep cleaned in our decarboniser and cleaned  to a like new condition, the extractor fan is deep cleaned to ensure it is running and performing sufficiently to remove the cooking odours and heat that is produced by the cooking range, after deep cleaning the extractor fan the noise and performance of the fan is greatly improved

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